Dental Price List

We believe in being upfront about our prices, so please find below a general list of our current treatment costs which you can use an a guide. Please note that not all of the treatments we provide are listed below.

We advise you make an appointment with your dentist to get a more accurate idea of pricing.

The dentist will prescribe a treatment plan for you on your check-up visit if you require any dental treatment, or if you visit the surgery presenting pain. The receptionist can give you a print-out of your treatment plan which clearly sets out the cost.

New Patient Exam£46
Existing Exam£26.50
Existing Child Exam£15.00
General scale and polish£36.50
Hygienist Appointment£49.50
Periodontal Treatment£96.50
Amalgam fillings from£50.00
Composite fillings from£60.00
Root canal incisor£230.00
Root canal upper premolar£235.00
Root canal lower premolar£235.00
Root canal molar£359.00
Porcelain Venneer£395.00
Porcelain Venneer (Additional)£295.00
Tooth extraction£77.00
Casual fee£80.00
Sports guard£82.50
Nocturnal Splint£165.00
Dentures full set top and bottom£895.00
Dentures full set top or bottom£580.00
Dentures partial acrylic£320.00
Tooth Whitening 1 arch£199.00
Tooth whitening 2 arches£279.00

Facial Aesthetic Prices

1 Area£135.00
2 Areas£220.00
3 Areas£280.00
Dermal Filler
Syringe 0.5ml£180.00
Syringe 1ml£280.00
Other Cosmetic Treatments
Chemical Peel£220.00
Heart Lips 1ml£350.00
Cheek Enhancement with Juvederm voluma£350.00